How to keep your bra in good shape?

  • How to keep your bra in good shape?

    And here you have your new, pretty lingerie set! How to keep it in good shape? has prepared a few helpful tips.

    The bras are made of soft materials, which are elastic and pleasant to wear, so they need to be taken care of. Padded bras, which give a correct shape, require extra care as cups can be deformed if they are improperly washed or dried.

    Wash the bras by hand, or why not to use washing machines.

    The manufacturers often recommend to wash bras by hand and there are several reasons for that. One of those – hoops, which can be distorted during washing, or ruin the drum of a washing machine. Moreover, using the washing machine, pressure and hot water has a negative impact on foam rubber pads. You should also have in mind, that fastening hooks can ruin soft materials and laces.

    If, however, you have decided to use a washing machine, you can reduce the risk of ruining the bra by using a special wash bag, which will protect the laces and applications. Wash only with a program for soft materials – without spinning and in low temperature.

    Do not use the dryer function, because the heat might ruin the pad, reduce the elasticity, and the bra can lose its shape. The upper material of a cup might shrink and wrinkles might appear. Due to frequent drying, the pads can shrink and become smaller than the cup.

    Wash the bras by hand

    How to hand wash

    How to hand wash?

    Bras should be washed in cold or warm water, using mild detergents. Bras shouldn’t be drained! You can dry them thoroughly using a towel or leave them to dry naturally. Most of them are made of a fast drying material.

    How to keep padded and push-up bras in good shape?

    It is really not a big problem. Fold the bra in the middle, put one cup into another or simply put one onto another and put it into a box or a dresser. Some women use special hangers for their bras.


    The appropriate care will allow to use the bra for several years!

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