• A «V.O.V.A.» bra is the daily guarantee of your comfort and great looks for an affordable price. In the bra section, you will find bras of various colours, shapes, and materials that will be great for any occasion. Thanks to a wide array of colours you are sure to find a bra for any clothing and any mood.

    «V.O.V.A.» offers bras for nursing mothers. These bras will significantly reduce the discomfort usually felt by nursing women when wearing a bra. Nursing bras do not have to be taken off to feed a baby, they do not have rims in them, so they do not stress the breast.

    Besides a wide selection of classical bras, «V.O.V.A.» also offers push up bras and silicone bras with detachable straps, which are great for open clothing. Thanks to «V.O.V.A.» great selection, you are bound to find a bra that will become your favourite one!

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  • Snejanna spacer bra
    Code: V54124IV
    Price 2600
    3250 You save 650
    Price 2436
    3045 You save 609
    Laura push-up bra
    Code: V32531SIBI
    Price 2508
    3135 You save 627
    Aphelia half-padded bra
    Code: V68523SB
    Price 2096
    2620 You save 524
    Snejanna half-padded bra
    Code: V54023LC
    Price 2412
    3015 You save 603
    Liza wireless padded bra
    Code: V24116JD
    Price 1776
    2220 You save 444
    Snejanna soft cup bra
    Code: V69606LKAV
    Price 1776
    2220 You save 444
    Wish soft cup bra
    Code: V98410JD
    Price 3108
    3885 You save 777
    Snejanna molded push-up bra
    Code: V54037LC
    Price 2480
    3100 You save 620
    Price 2844
    3555 You save 711
    Perlin spacer bra
    Code: V48324BA
    Price 2504
    3130 You save 626
    Price 2704
    3380 You save 676
    Victoria spacer bra
    Code: V86229SB
    Price 3096
    3870 You save 774
    Snejanna soft cup bra
    Code: V64210LC
    Price 1584
    1980 You save 396
    Victoria molded cup bra
    Code: V86235SIBI
    Price 2732
    3415 You save 683
    Ethnic soft-cup bra
    Code: V11710
    Price 2481
    4135 You save 1654
    Exility soft cup bra
    Code: V11911
    Price 3057
    5095 You save 2038
    SUN soft cup bra
    Code: V50611
    Price 1533
    2555 You save 1022
    Laura push-up bra
    Code: V32536JD
    Price 3260
    4075 You save 815
    Snejanna push-up bra
    Code: V54032LC
    Price 2360
    2950 You save 590
    Aphelia spacer bra
    Code: V68528JD
    Price 3196
    3995 You save 799
    Victoria molded push-up bra
    Code: V86238SIBI
    Price 3080
    3850 You save 770
    Laura spacer bra
    Code: V32523SB
    Price 1967
    2810 You save 843
    Price 2257
    3225 You save 968
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