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  • «V.O.V.A.» classical lingerie is the type of underwear that you can trust on any occasion. Classical underwear subtly emphasises the shape of your body and does not stand out at the same time, so you will feel comfortable and self-confident. «V.O.V.A.» classical collection has various types of bras, underwear, and bodies for any occasion. Thanks to a wide array of available colours, finding a set of lingerie for any clothing is easy.

    Classical lingerie is great for self-confident and comfort-loving women. Those who want to put more emphasis on their body lines may choose from «V.O.V.A.» wide array of push-up bras. Nursing mothers can acquire nursing bras for comfortable breastfeeding.

    Defining lingerie as classical does not mean that it must be plain and simple. Underwear, just like any other piece of clothing, depends on your personality and mood. There are sophisticated and dapper lingerie available in «V.O.V.A.» classical lingerie section for those moments when you want to feel especially attractive.

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  • Snejanna molded push-up bra
    Code: V54037BALT
    Price 1550  - 2542 
    Snejanna push-up bra
    Code: V54032LC
    Price 1475  - 2419 
    Liza wireless padded bra
    Code: V24116JD
    Price 1598 
    2220  You save 622 
    Snejanna spacer bra
    Code: V54124LC
    Price 2665 
    3250  You save 585 
    Snejanna half-padded bra
    Code: V54023BA
    Price 1508  - 2171 
    Price 1522  - 2497 
    Patrice soft cup bra
    Code: V42711BA
    Price 2583 
    3150  You save 567 
    Paola soft cup bra
    Code: V48411JD
    Price 2296 
    2800  You save 504 
    Price 2915 
    3555  You save 640 
    Aphelia spacer bra
    Code: V68528JD
    Price 1997  - 3276 
    Snejanna half-padded bra
    Code: V54023LC
    Price 1508  - 2171 
    Body "Marta" soft cup
    Code: V74570JD
    Price 4018 
    4900  You save 882 
    Aphelia half-padded bra
    Code: V68523SB
    Price 1310  - 1886 
    Victoria molded cup bra
    Code: V86235SIBI
    Price 1707  - 2800 
    Snejanna soft cup bra
    Code: V64210LC
    Price 1623 
    1980  You save 357 
    Snejanna half-padded bra
    Code: V54023JD
    Price 1508  - 2171 
    Paola soft cup bra
    Code: V48411AZ
    Price 2296 
    2800  You save 504 
    Laura padded bra
    Code: V32526JD
    Price 2995 
    4160  You save 1165 
    Victoria molded push-up bra
    Code: V86238SIBI
    Price 3157 
    3850  You save 693 
    Price 3005 
    3665  You save 660 
    Price 1612  - 2644 
    Laura bralette
    Code: V32519JD
    Price 2850 
    3475  You save 625 
    Snejanna push-up bra
    Code: V54032BALT
    Price 1475  - 2419 
    Snejanna spacer bra
    Code: V54124IV
    Price 2665 
    3250  You save 585 
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