How to accurately measure the bra size?

  • It is very important to measure the size properly! So, before submitting an order, please measure your size accurately. It will help to find the model of a proper size fast and easy. But how to determine the size? It won’t be difficult if you will follow these simple rules.

    If you want to measure the size of a bra, panties or other type of lingerie, you should measure:

    1. the chest circumference, at the fullest part (B);

    2. the lower chest circumference (A);

    3. the waist circumference at the slimmest part (A);

    4. hip circumference at the fullest part (B).

    When You have the measurements, you can easily find your size in the tables provided below. These tables can be found next to every item of «V.O.V.A.».


    How to accurately measure the bra size?
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