GIFT CARD - 125€

  • - The Gift card can only be redeemed at our online store

    - The Gift card will be automatically generated in English.

    - The Gift Card is delivered exclusively via e-mail. The PDF document is received together with the card after the payment is received.

    - You can use the Gift Card by entering the specified code in the "Gift Card code" field in the shopping cart.

    - The Gift Card is NOT redeemable for cash.

    - The Gift Card holder will not be given a refund if purchases amount to less than the value of the Gift Card.

    - The Gift Card amount can be used to purchase items and pay for shipping.

    - When buying goods for an amount higher than the value of the Gift Card, additional payment is possible by choosing any one of the payment methods offered in the e-shop.

    - If the Gift Card has not been used during its period of validity (within 1 year from the date of payment), it expires and the money shall not be refunded.

    - The code provided can be used only once, so please retain it. Do not disclose the Gift Card to persons who may maliciously use it.

    - The vendor is not liable if the Gift Card code has been used by third parties and not by the recipient of the service.

    - It is not possible to purchase a Gift Card using an existing Gift Card code.

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