Anna soft cup bra

  • Anna soft cup bra

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    Viscose 20%, polyamide 70%, elastane 10%
    «V.O.V.A.» Classic
  • Soft cup bra – bra with soft cups.

    A feminine bra made from beautiful lace and viscoze.Thanks to a lateral support of thin foam, flowing into the shoulder strap, maintains the breast in beatiful position. Lateral piese doubled with a net. Lateral underwire.

    Viscose rayon is a fiber of regenerated cellulose; it is structurally similar to cotton but may be produced from a variety of plants such as soy, bamboo, and sugar cane. Viscose has a silky appearance and feel, it breathes like cotton and has a good ‘drape'. It’s relatively light, resulting in lightweight clothing.

    Viscose requires delicate hand in cool – luke warm water with washing for proper care, with no wringing and twisting (apparently this can cause the fabric to rip).
    If its a relatively unimportant item (t-shirts, for example) you may be able to get away with putting it in a wash back for a machine wash on a delicate setting… but tread with caution! Hang wet items and let them dry that way, this will also help to remove any creasing. To remove wrinkles, iron using a medium setting with steam.

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