Anna half-padded bra

  • Anna half-padded bra

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    Viscose 40%, polyamide 40%, cotton 15%, elastane 5%
    «V.O.V.A.» Classic
  • Half-padded bra – bra with half padded cup, the lower part of the cups is strengthened with thin foam.

    A luxurious half padded bra. It is made from microfiber. The upper part of the cups is decorated with gorgeous lace. Straps are easily adjusted, large sizes have wider straps.

    Viscose rayon is a fiber of regenerated cellulose; it is structurally similar to cotton but may be produced from a variety of plants such as soy, bamboo, and sugar cane. Viscose has a silky appearance and feel, it breathes like cotton and has a good ‘drape'. It’s relatively light, resulting in lightweight clothing.

    Viscose requires delicate hand in cool – luke warm water with washing for proper care, with no wringing and twisting (apparently this can cause the fabric to rip).
    If its a relatively unimportant item (t-shirts, for example) you may be able to get away with putting it in a wash back for a machine wash on a delicate setting… but tread with caution! Hang wet items and let them dry that way, this will also help to remove any creasing. To remove wrinkles, iron using a medium setting with steam.   

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